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What is a Shih tzu Poodle mix puppy?  Shih poo puppies is a result of the cross breeding of an 
Imperial Shih Tzu and Toy poodle. Shih-poo is one of the types of Poodle hybrids that have combined 
the traits of the Toy Poodle and the Shih-Tzu. The Shih-Poo is hypo-allergenic. The personality of the Shih tzu Poodle, Shih-poo puppy is more enhanced compared to the parent. 
Choices of Chocolate/Brown-White Teacup Shih poo puppies avg 5-7 lbs grown.
Always Happy with a special love for people and as loving children's pets, Hypo allergenic.
Shi poo puppies have 2 sets of shots and worm treatments every 2,4 and 6 weeks.

Shih poo, Shih tzu mix Toy and Teacup Shih poo puppies for sale
 Shihpoo, Teacup Apricot Shih poo puppy sold to the Bass family in Baton Rouge
The Shih poo puppy is the main 2 breeds of the Teddy Bear puppies.

Shih poos, Shih poo, shih poos, Apricot Shihpoo puppies for sale
 Shihpoo puppies for sale from reputable Shih-Poo - Shihpoo puppy breeders. 
Find the perfect Shih-Poo - Shihpoo puppy,
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Shih tzu-Poodle mix puppies. Shih tzu poodle-mix Brown, Tan, Shh poo puppies for sale
Located between Brandon, Madison, Jackson, Ms., Laurel, Ms. Hattiesburg and McComb Mississippi.

Families have been coming from  Mobile, Alabama, Baton Rouge, Metairie, New Orleans, Hammond, Houma, LA
Slidell, LA. Louisiana, Ft Lauderdale, Ft Walton Beach, Pensacola, Florida and Dallas Texas to purchase one of our 
Shih poo puppies for sale from Atlanta, Georgia, GA. Mobile, Alabama, AL. Montgomery, Dolthon, Alabama, AL.  
FT Walton Beach,  Pensacola, Florida, FL. Memphis, Germantown Tennessee, TN. 

Shih poo puppies for sale   Maltipoo puppies for sale

Tea cup Shihpoo puppies for sale

shih-poo puppies for sale in mississippi
Shih-Poo puppy Breeder with Shih tzu Poodle mix Puppies For Sale in Mississippi.  
Find the perfect White Shihpoo, Apricot, Red or Brown Shih poo puppy at Poodle mix Puppies
shih poo puppies for sale in mississippi
shih poo puppoes for sale
shih poo puppies for sale
shih poo puppies for sale
shih poo puppies for sale in Mississippi

teacup Shih poo puppies in mississippi
teacup shih poo puppies
shih poo puppies for sale in mississippi
shih poo puppies for sale in mississippi
Teacup shihpoo puppies

When you email me please put Shih poo puppies for sale.
Be sure to include the color and sex of the Shih poo puppy.
If your interested in more Poodle mix puppies check out our other 
Poodle mix puppies for sale
Thank You.
Mileen Coulter
Silver Creek, Mississippi
601-886-7381 Call my home between 9 am-7pm.

A Poodle-mix puppy
As cute as I can be

I'm a Shihpoo puppy

Shih poo puppies
waiting for You to see

A Poodle-mix puppy

Shih poo puppies
 Need a friend 

A Shih poo puppy 
will Love you 
to the end.

 Shih poo puppies
As cute as I can be

A Poodle-mix puppy

 Shih poo puppies
waiting for You to see

Shihpoo puppy

A Shih poo puppy
 Needs a friend 

Shih poo puppy
 will Love you
to the end
shih tzu poodle-mix puppies
Teacup Shih poo puppy
You will have the Shih tzu personality, that's always happy and friendly with the Poodle mix puppies. They are especially easy to train. The temperament of our Shih Poo puppies are great with kids. We produce Shih Poo puppies that are docile, and non aggressive and not dominant. This means the Shih Poo are a  wonderful family member and companion for your Children and your family. 
Our Shih Poo are non-shedding and allergy free, and easy to care for.  
Mixed breed puppies enjoy the benefit of "Hybrid vigor" - it improves domestic animals  and lowers risk of health problems!

Shih poo puppies are a Wonderful comination of The Shih tzu and the Poodle breed their personality reflects this.. The Shih tzu breed mellows out the hyperness of the Poodle side. You will not find a 10-15 lb Shih poo puppy from us.
All our Shih tzu bred females are under 10 lbs and bred with a toy poodle.
This gives us the option of having the smaller size Shih poo puppies for sale.
shihpoo puppies
Black-white Teacup Shih poo puppy
Sold to Brandi in Madison, Ms
Teacup shih poo puppies in Mississippi
Shih poo puppies come in Apricot, Red, Brown and Dark Chocolate colors.
Watch our Shih poo puppy video below and our  Shih poo Puppy Care
Our Shih poo puppies go pre-loved from our home to your home. 
teacup shih poo puppies
Beautiful Apricot Shih poo Puppy
Living in Birmingham, Alabama
shih poo puppies for sale
White Teacup shih poo puppies in Mississippi
Shihpoo puppies for sale
 The Shih poo puppy is the best part of the mixed breed Teddy Bear puppy bred for Companion pets for seniors children and Therapy dogs.
 Chocolate-Tan-White female 
Shih poo puppy SOLD
 White Shih poo puppy, sold to
Cara in Naples, Florida
Brown-White Teacup shih poo puppies in Mississippi
Tan Shih poo puppy SOLD
Living in New Orleans
Shih poo puppies for sale
Brown-White Teacup shih poo puppies in Mississippi
Shih poo puppies for sale
Same Teacup Apricot Shih poo puppy

Shih poo puppies, White Teacup, Black-white, Brown and Apricot Shih poo for sale.
Shih poo puppies are raised in our home with ~Love and devotion.~
Apricot Shih poo puppy SOLD!
Teacup shihpoo puppies
Brown Shih poo Puppy SOLD
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